Angels and Men

Aurel VLAD “Nine Girls”



Zahary Kamenov, Aneta Svetieva & Aurel Vlad

EXHIBITION : 15 September – 14 October 2001
OPENING : Friday 14th of September 2001 at 6.30 p.m. 
CURATOR : Dimitri Konstantinidis

La Laiterie, Centre européen de la jeune création

Aurel VLAD “Aplaudesmen” 1998

Aneta SVETIEVA “Eros and Thanatos I ” 1997

The exhibition of Zahary Kamenov, Aurel Vlad and Aneta Svetieva  highlights certain aspects of the Balkan States’ pluralistic culture.

Spotlight on these plastic artists who use elements of a traditional style in their search to create a continuity between the styles, signs and images of different eras and different cultures. Their work is highly individual, but they all use a formal vocabulary that has been handed down by the work done in raw art.