Diverted object by Tomi Ungerer and François Duconseille

The exhibition is unfortunately postponed.

Apollonia will display a range of Tomi UNGERER‘s unseen artworks namely anthropomorphic and zoomorphic sculptures made of everyday life objects, which were not only reused but also purposely misused, in a satyrical and caustic way.

François DUCONSEILLE presents a vaste project forming humongous murals based on byproducts of our consumerist society.

Discover the artists from two different generations experimenting their own ways to transmit similar artistic and contextual concerns.

The exhibition scenography is only made of recycled and green materials, thus creating an environmentally friendly framework for the engaged artworks.

Curators of the exhibition: Thérèse Willer and Dimitri Konstantinidis
Scenography: François Duconseille

Skills patronage: DS Impression https://www.dsimpression.fr/
In partnership with Tomi Ungerer Museum, International Centre of Illustration, Strasbourg