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The Owners by Adilkhan Yerzhanov 


Directed by : Adilkhan Yerzhanov

Actors : Yerbolat YERZHAN ; Aidyn SAKHAMAN ; Aliya ZAINALOVA

Country : Kazakhstan

Year : 2014

Duration : 93 minutes

25 year-old John, his teenage brother Erbol, and their sickly 12 year-old sister Aliya, are forced to leave their house in the Kazakh city of Almaty. By luck their mother left them a house in a remote village, where they plan to prepare their comeback. But the District Officer’s alcoholic brother, who has lived there illegally for 10 years, has no intention of letting the house go without a fight.

Harmony Lessons, by Emir Baigazin


Directed by : Emir Baigazi

Actors : Timur Aidarbekov ; Aslan Anarbayev ; Mukhtar Andassov

Country : Kazakhstan

Year : 2013

Duration : 115 minutes

Aslan, a 13-year-old boy living with his grandma, is a student in a high crime rate village school in Kazakhstan.Corruption and violence conflict drastically with his obsession for perfectionism. Aslan sees all the evil in the school gang leader Bolat, who humiliates him in front of all his classmates and extorts money to all the kids, beating them up severely.Out of good motives to rid his school of crime, Aslan decides to take action against Bolat…