Within the framework of Artecitya program, the Citizen-Lab project initiated by Apollonia, is strongly dedicated to citizens.


The Citizen-lab project is a tool aiming at involving inhabitants, artists, designers and urbanists in the reorganization of the territory. The creation of a near-to-people piece of art, for and with people, will be carried out in collaboration with the artists and architects. The urban areas that are concerned are neighbourhoods called QPV (Quartiers prioritaires de la Politique de la Ville, eng. Sensitive Urban zone). Beyond this artistic creation, actions to raise citizen’s awareness will be implemented to foster the appropriation of the new urban space.

 Furthermore, a more professional dimension is part of the process. Indeed, young people living in the concerned neighbourhoods will have the opportunity to attend to trainings in order to learn more about the different materials used, as well as technical and artistic skills, related to the urban environment. The aim of these trainings is to enable marginalized young people to get professional experience that will help them find a job afterwards. This mission is only achievable thanks to a partnership with La Mission Locale and the hosting of young volunteers through civic service programs.

 One of the results of the Citizen-Lab project is the implementation of a participative vegetable garden. We propose a partnership with the Hornecker Family, a vegetable producer since three generations in the Robertsau neighbourhood, as well as with the retired market gardeners association for the implantation of the vegetable gardens. Otherwise, contemporary artists of international importance will be invited to participate in the area planning. In a collaboration and knowledge transmission purpose, the young people will actively get involved in the achievement of these tasks, and this always with a  professional purpose.