Crossed Residences


résidences croisées


Patrick Bogner

Solène Bouffard

Ahmet Dogan

Claire Hannicq

Claude Horstmann

Joséphine Kaeppelin

Karen Koschnick

Pascal Morin

Frank Morzuch

Natacha Paganelli

Juliane Schmidt

Dominika Skutnik

Dorota Walentynowicz

Julia Wenz


In collaboration with the City of Strasbourg, HEAR and CEAAC

As a platform of European artistic cooperation, Apollonia association promotes meetings and regular exchanges aiming to discover unique artistic approaches. Collaborations that Apollonia accompanies require mobility of ideas, artworks and people. It is therefore natural that artistic residences have become characteristic of its activity.

Through the residence, it is no longer only a question for the association to host the artist in a given territory, but to link his/her residence to its commitment to the city, as well as could be that of architects or planners. Thus, the artist is involved upstream of an urbanization project that meets the different mutations in the territory. These issues will be treated in the framework of the project “e.cité – Europe”, to be held in November 2013 in Strasbourg. It will deal more specifically with the redefinition of the artistic residence and reconsideration of the role of the artist in the city.

These questions have been raised over the years, and thanks to a special partnership between Apollonia and “Laznia” Contemporary Art Centre in Gdansk(Poland). This collaboration is now included in the program of “Crossed Residence”of the City of Strasbourg, whereby the CEAAC, the HEAR and Apollonia establish artistic exchanges with these iconic cities in Europe and elsewhere.

Since 2011, Apollonia welcomed the Polish artists Dominika Skutnik and Dorota Walentynowicz in Strasbourg, and supported Ahmet Dogan and Patrick Bognerduring their stay in Gdansk. The artworks they produced within this timeframe will be revealed in the exhibition Crossed Residencies, as well as those of ten other artists who also participated in the programme.

International venue of the CEAAC

Salle 27, University Palace

Salle Conrath, Strasbourg Cityhall