The Art of Urban Interference

Within the framework of Prague, Jaroslav Andel, art historian and art critic, will design an unprecedented exhibition in Strasbourg.


Jaroslav Andel, ex-director of DOX Center for Contemporary Art in Prague, produced many exhibitions and publications about modern and contemporary art in Czech Republic and abroad. In Strasbourg, he will design an exhibition with several Czech artists and set up participatory projects in town.

The exhibition, whose curator will be Jaroslav Andel, intends to explore the junction of art, technology and urbanism in public space, questioning how various art practices can improve city life. The exhibition will present the work of artists, each of them representing a different genre and/or practice.

One of the goals of the exhibition is to provide a starting point for long-term trans disciplinary developments and a mutual enrichment concerning the established and emerging genres and practices, as well as to the foster the collaboration between artists, citizens and communities.