La Malle – Finish at Apollonia


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Finish of the exhibition la Malle – Public

⩾⩾Exhibition ⩽⩽
Nous vous invitons à la fin de l’exposition « La Malle ». L’occasion de venir une dernière fois essayer de percer le mystère de ce voyage extraordinaire en présence de Philippe Obliger et de Gérard Puel.

Apollonia invited people to the finish of the exhibition “La Malle”. The last oportunity to discover the mystery about this extraordinary travel, in attendance of the artists Philippe Obliger and Gérard Puel.

We also offered a live show, by a band of young musicians aged from 19 to 25. They played their music, influenced by Balkanic, Turk, Klezzmer and Italian rhythm.
– Davide Petrillo : guitar, sing
– Mia Depoutot : clarinet, sing
– Jenny Pillet : guitar, sing
– Gabriel Meidinger : violin
– Nassim Byoud : darbouka
– Salomé Ley : violin, sing
– Niloha Riveros : clarinet, sing
– Melchior Olympio : doublebass
– Marguerite Cascaro : clarinet, sing
– Louise Puel : oboe, sing