Born and raised between the communist housing estates of Bucharest, I bacame preoccupied early on in my studies at The Bucharest National University ofArts with the Syncretisms and delicate relationships present in the romanian urban landscape.

These thoughts first materialised in the frame of the RoArchive project (initiated by Iosif Kiraly) with a photographic series concerning the tourist romanian seaside. From there the artistical ventures matured, the result being the internationally showed Multilateral and Hyper projects. Following the success of these two, my subject matter started varying, while my projects acquired a higher degree of interdisciplinarity…


  • The Index (2015) photo series and installation created in collaboration with Sabin Gârea is shown at the Anca Poterașu Gallery, in the What About Poor Gregor Samsa event, starting the 13th of february
  • The photo series Residential (2014) and Under-Construction (2015) are shown at the CAV – Multimedia Gallery, in the frame of the duo show Concrete Paradise (19 february – 12 march) created in collaboration with Sabin Gârea and curated by Raluca Oancea.


  • Is selected as finalist and participates in the Celeste Prize 2014 show with the Residential series, in Italy – Milano, Assab One Gallery (november)
  • Throughout October and November the Re-Place photo series is displayed in the Bucharest AnnArt Gallery, in the group show TAA_2014
  • Recipient of the young artists’ AnnArt Award 2014
  • Is shown at the end of November at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), in the frame of the WHAT ABOUT Y[OUR] MEMORY expo which celebrates 20 years from the birth of the Photo-Video department of UNArte Bucharest; participates with Multilateral and Multilateral Installation


  • In november Gray (gy) is shown the Galeria apARTe Iași, (Se Va Întâmpla Deja expo)
  • Gray (gy) photography series, created in the frame of the Art. Consumerism. Finity. research project, is shown at the Bucharest Victoria Art Center, in october (Switched Over expo)
  • Laureate of ESSL Nominees Night Romania 2013, event organized at The Victoria Art Center, in june.


  • Selected in the frame of the Start Point Prize 2012, representing Romania at the The DOX Gallery in Prague, july
  • Multilateral  showed at The Museum of Modern Art of of Thessaloniki, Greece, in september
  • Itinerary of E-Cites Bucarest at The Museum of Modern Art of Saint Etienne, France
  • Itinerary of E-Cites Bucarest at The Walon Center of Contemporary Art of Flemelle, Belgium


  • Group show Generația TAA 2011, at AnnArt Gallery Bucharest, Multilateral project
  • Participant in the first edition of the EBienale of Art from the frame of the George Enescu Festival (2011), with the Multilateral project
  • The CC (closed circuit) which, by focusing on the new abundance of CCTv systems in the Bucharest urban environment, attempts to shed light on the delicate relationship between public space and private space.


  • Participant with the Multilateral project at The European Contemporary Art Fair of Strasbourg, in the show  Transitions Urbaines (besides names such as Iosif Kiraly, Alexandra Croitoru), organized by the Apollonia Cultural Asociation together with  The Romanian Cultural Institute
  • Group show Ro-Archive, in the frame of Cities Methodologies Bucharest
  • The Multilateral project, which aims to deconstruct the contemporary urban landscape, starting from the communist architectural legacy
  • Object-book Untitled Christmas Journal, tries to approach the problem concerning the memory of the place and the memory of the individual
  • Participant at Galleries Night with a video material, in a group project initiated by Alexandru Patatics – 10″


  • The Seaside project which aims to capture the process of transformation of the romanian seaside in contact with various factors of local power, with various governments and variou interests
  • Works in the frame of the Ro-Archive project, initiated by Iosif Kiraly
  • Design of the Ro-Archive visual identity, site, and subsequent promotional materials


In the framework of :