Patrick Bogner

Le Ciel au-dessus du Sertão, Composition, 2006

Le Ciel au-dessus du Sertão, Composition, 2006

Patrick Bogner lives and works in Strasbourg. He has been a freelance photographer since 1982 and divides his activity between professional photography and his own artistic expression.

He devotes his personal work to places whose function and theatricality he questions. His favourite themes revolve around Elsewhere, that elsewhere which is not a faraway place but the reverse side of a place, its invisible side; an elsewhere which, present in a place, would need photography to embody itself, to make itself visible.

The artist is interested in spaces and populations where he feels a metaphor of human existence and is particularly fond of the remote lands of Latin America where he has been carrying out projects since 1987.

Since 2006, he has focused on the notion of Vanity and has been building a body of images on this theme using a wooden camera with its black veil, following the example of 19th century photographers, with the aim of ritualising his work and imposing slowness on himself.

In 2009, the experience of an OPP (Observatoire Photographique du Paysage) opened new perspectives for him. His work was notably exhibited at the André Malraux Cultural Centre in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy (2001) and at the Galerie Lézard in Colmar (2000).