Résidence of D. Niksic et M. Miljanovic


One Critic, One Artist, One Artwork


Apollonia entrusted the Triste Arctique project to the art critic Helen Hirsch, who has chosen to present the cultural and artistic world of the Sami people whose territory spans the frontiers of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia.

She carried out her work in residence with Geir Tore Holm, a Sami by origin but born in Tromso in 1966. He is an artist, an exhibition curator, writer, teacher and recently Head of project for the new Academy of Fine Art at Tromsø University College. Many of his projects reflect the question of the identity of the Sami minority, but not only. Being deeply concerned with the alarming ecological situation in the Arctic and the Barents Sea, the artist denounces the over-exploitation of natural resources in the region and reveals the nefarious impact on the quality of life of the local population.


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