On the verso of history

11 November 1999

1999, edited by apollonia, European artistic exchanges, p.90 (French, English, Greek, Spanish, Catalan) Coordination: Anne Tronche, Chantal Cusin-Berche, Hélène Cominéas, Dimitri Konstantinidis Texts: Anne Tronche, Dimitri Konstantinidis, Koka Ramishvili This work was co-edited by Apollonia and La Ferme Du Buisson on the occasion of the exhibition “Au verso de l’Histoire”, presented at the Cooperative des […]

Jan Svankmajer

16 November 1999

1999, edited by Apollonia, european art exchanges 74 pages (English, French) Coordination : Georges Heck, assisted by Helen Cominéas Texts: Maia Bouteillet, Marie-Dominique Massoni, Bertrand Schmitt, Stanislav Ulver This book is a retrospective of Jan Svankmajer’s work. The exhibition was presented in the Auditorium of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Strasbourg from 15 to […]