Contemporary identities – Current artistic creation in Poland


Publication May 2004, published by apollonia, europen art exchanges, 176 p.(Polish, English) Coordination: Magdalena Lewoc et Hélène CominéasTexts: Sebastian Cichoki, Jolanta Ciesielska, Lukasz Gorczyca, Rysward W.Kluszczynski, Dimitri Konstantinidis, Anne Laval, Magdalena Lewoc, Aneta Szylak, Magdalena Ujma . This catalogue has been published subsequent to a series of exhibitions devoted to contemporary art in Poland. This […]

Residence of Robert Cahen

07 May 2004 - 17 May 2004

RESIDENCE 7 May – 17 May 2004 Bakou (Azerbaïdjan) Artist: Robert Cahen In collaboration with the French Embassy in Baku, the National Academy of Fine arts, the Open Society Institut of Baku – programme arts and culture After an initial training of composer, Robert Cahen got specialization in visual arts starting from 1972: video art, […]