L’année prochaine ça ira mieux !

30 March 2007 - 27 April 2007

30th March – 27th April 2007 Apollonia Venue Artists: Jean François Robic et Germain Roesz Curatorship: Dimitri Konstantinidis L’épongistes is a pair of artists who have once again become active since 1995. Known for its series of political and poetical maxims with regard to current affairs or the world of culture which are spread in […]

Projected Visions – Armenia


exhibitions / projections / encounters 13th March – 20th May 2007 STRASBOURG / TOULOUSE / PARIS / SAINT-ETIENNE Presented in France from March to May 2007, in the framework of “Arménie, mon amie” of CULTURESFRANCE, the project “Regards Projetés – Arménie” offers three sections grouped around the animated image: – “Glorious Futilities,” a selection of […]

PROJECTED VISIONS – ARMENIA: Meeting the director Gareguine Zakoyan


Meeting Within the framework of PROJECTED VISIONS ARMENIA Born on April 5, 1947 in Erevan, Gareguine Zakoyan graduated from the department of Russian philology at the University of Erevan. From 1972 to 1992, he worked at the Institute of Fine Arts of the Academy of Sciences in the Department Cinema and Television. In 1992, he […]

PROJECTED VISIONS – ARMENIA : Sergueï Paradjanov, selected artworks


Projection WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF PROJECTED VISIONS ARMENIA From among the rich cinematographic heritage of Sergueï Paradjanov, we have chosen for presentation: “Sayat Nova, the Color of the Grenade” USSR, 1970, 74’Direction and screenplay: Sergueï ParadjanovCamera: Souren ChahbazianMusic: Tigran Mansourian Cast : S. Tchiaourelli, M. Alekian, V. Galestian, G. Gueguetchkei, O. Minassian Regarded as an uncontested […]

PROJECTED VISIONS – ARMENIA : Glorious Futility – Arménia


Projection WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF PROJECTED VISIONS ARMENIA Since 2001, apollonia has set up a traveling program dedicated to video production and already covering various European countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Moldavia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Latvia and Cyprus. After an initial choice of Armenian works in 2003, apollonia is today offering a program […]