Nora DUMAS †

1890, Budapest, Hungary / 1979, Switzerland   Nora Dumas is one of those rare photographers who, starting with the nineteen-thirties, chooses a specialization for herself. Residing in France from 1913 onwards, she is an assistant to Ergy Landau in her Parisian studio. After pursuing an interest in the nude, with strict adherence to the lessons […]

AlMASY Paul †

HUNGARY / FRANCE / 1906 † 2003

1906, Budapest, Hungary / 2003, France Paul Almasy criss-crosses the planet, delivering many reportages to the international press, World Health Organization, Unesco, etc. It is in fact after his arrival in France in 1938 that his photographic work begins to take off. His sociological approach, so to speak, causes him to be interested in all […]


1889, Brasso, Hungary (today Romania) /  1984, Nice, France   Before becoming a photographer,Halasz dit Brassaï Gyula paints, sculpts and writes. It is only in 1926, two years after his arrival in Paris, that he learns the basics of photography through contact with another Hungarian immigrant, André Kertész. The cityscapes and views of lowly social […]


1894, Budapest, Hungary / 1985, New York, United States With Brassaï and Robert Capa, André Kertész forms part of a Hungarian trio of international renown. His career, debuting at Budapest where his photographs are reproduced in the papers, continues in Paris starting in 1925. From this period onward, in a capital full of excitement, he […]


1904, Szenc, Hungary (today Slovakia) /  1979, Créteil, France    The work of François Kollar testifies to a versatility characteristic of numerous photographers in the period between the two World Wars, with a wide-ranging curiosity open to new experiments in the photographic medium, mixing avant-garde investigations with applied photography for the purpose of earning a […]


1904, Becsej, Hungary (today Serbia) / 1966, Paris, France Having emigrated to Paris in 1926, he is hired as a lighting engineer by the advertising studio Deberny-Peignot where he meets Maurice Tabard, who finds that he has an “unusually good eye for light” and introduces him to photography. After a period of working in the […]


    Born in 1937 in Kolozsvár, Hungary (today Romania)   The photographs of Peter Korniss can easily be linked to the humanist current which attained its high point in France and throughout the world after the Second World War. Korniss makes the human being the central subject of his works, highlighting in particular the […]


  1901, Székesfehérvar, Hungary / 1978, Paris, France The technical and sculptural experiments of André Steiner make him a perfect representative of the New Vision of the nineteen thirties. He explores the various domains of the photographic medium in order to better question the real and its representation; he plays with forms and movement; his […]


  1910, Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary / 2007, Paris, France  His real name being Laslo Elkan, Lucien Hervé arrives in France in 1929, where he first focuses his attention on fashion drawing and on painting before turning to photo-journalism in 1938; he works at that time for Marianne-Magazine and Vu. His photographs of architecture make him famous […]


1914, Székesfehérvar, Hungary / 1996, France The career of Etienne Sved seems to have been determined from the outset by his Judaism. Rejected by the art schools of Budapest for religious reasons, he orients himself towards a study of drawing with professors coming from the Bauhaus. Expelled by anti-Semitic measures of the Horthy government, he […]


        1896, Budapest, Hungary / 1967, Paris, France Having arrived in Paris in 1923, Ergy Landau numbers among the women photographers who, in the years between the World Wars, gained recognition from the public as well as from a professional milieu whose majority was still male. Having received training in Berlin and […]


Born in Slovakia STUDIES / EXPERIENCES 1997-2004 Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava 2003-2005 co-founder and director of Gallery HIT, Bratislava 2005 co-founder and director of Gallery SINGEL, Bratislava since 2005 teaching assistant at Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava   SOLO SHOWS 2004 Casting, Space gallery, Bratislava   GROUP SHOWS 2006 Les […]


Born in 1974 in Ziar nad Hronom, Slovakia   STUDIES 1993 – 1998 : Trnava University, history of art and culture   EXPERIENCE 1999 : Open air maining museum in Banska Štiavnica 2000-2003 : Cultural House of Petrzalka, Bratislava – PR manager 2003-2005 : CC Centrum of Cultural House of Petrzalka – curator of exhibitions since 2002 : […]


  Born in 1968 in Bratislava, Slovakia   FORMATION   1990–1996 Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava  (Graphic art) 2001–2006 Academy of Dramatic Arts, Bratislava  (Film theory)   SELECTION OF GROUP EXHIBITIONS   2004 Billboart Gallery, Bratislava / Hot Destination – Marginal Destiny III., Trnava 2005 Exhibition of Amnesty International, Bratislava–Prague 2006 Autopoesis, SNG Bratislava / 4 […]


Born in 1967 in Zilina, Slovakia STUDIES 1987-1993 Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava   SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 1997 Things that you do not think about do not exist, Múzeum Vojtecha Löfflera, Košice 1999 Replica. tor, Štátna galéria Banská Bystrica / Manipula. tor, At Home Gallery, Synagogue Šamorín 2000 Ceteris paribus, CC Centrum, Bratislava […]

Anetta Mona CHISA

Born in Romania. STUDIES/EXPERIENCES 1994-2000 Academy of Fine Arts & Design, Bratislava 2001-2002 Curator of the Synagogue – Centre of Contemporary Arts, Trnava since 2002 assistant teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts Prague, New media department SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2006 How life imitates art, 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle 2005 Kohabyt, Gallery G99, Brno 2002 […]


Radovan CEREVKA / KASSA BOYS Born  in 1980 in Kosice, Slovakia STUDIES 1994-1998 Secondary Technical School of Commercial and Decorative Art, Košice 1999-2006 Prof. Juraj Bartusz’s Studio of Free Creativeness 3D, Department of Fine Art and intermedia, Faculty of Art, Technical University, Košice 2003-2004 Two-semester scholarship at the Academy of Fine Art, Prague, New Media […]


Born in 1982 in Kosice, Slovakia   STUDIES 1996-2000 High school of applied arts, Propagation grahic, Kosice 2000-2005 Atelier of graphic and experimental creation, Department of fine arts and intermedia, Faculty of Arts TU Kosice 2003-2004 One term scholarschip at VSVU, Atelier of Painting and other media, Bratislava 2005-2007 Master´s study Atelier of graphic and […]

Anton Cierny

Born in 1963 in Bojnice, Slovakia STUDIES 1985 – 1991 Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Bratislava, Slovakia. Department of Sculpture. At present, the Head of Department (Studio of Spatial Communications) at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava. Curated “Permanent Stay”(1996) and co-curated “transKUNSTHALLE” (2001).   SOLO EXHIBITIONS 1995 Anton Cierny – Installation. […]