Nyst Jacques Louis

      Born in 1942 in Liège, Belgium Died in 1996 in Sprimont   Jacques Louis Nyst, who was a painter, multimedia artist, publicist and also pioneer of Belgian video art, produced a very consistent body of video work. Together with his wife, Danièle Nyst, he made reflective, capricious, fantastic, poetic or purely theoretical […]

Muyle Johan

Born in 1956 in Charleroi Lives and works in Liège   Johan Muyle was born in Charleroi (B) in 1956 and lives and works in Liège and Brussels. He exhibits in private galleries or public arts centres in Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Denmark, France, Italy, Monaco, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, … the presence of […]

Monti Benjamin

  Born in 1983 Lives and works in Liège   Solo exhibitions :  2016 La nécessité de la répétition, Cabinet d’amateurs #10, MAC’S, musée des arts contemporains du Grand Hornu 2015 Méçant garçon, galerie Nadja Vilenne, Liège (B) 2013 Galerie Wittert ULG Liège (B) 2012 Maison de la Culture de Tournai (B) Perspecta Galerie Iconoscope […]

Moron Werner

In the framework of : ART OF THE IRREVERENCE, exhibition : from 6 february to 13 march 2012  

Mazzarella Thomas

Born in 1983, in Charleroi Lives and works in Brussels Like Thomas Mazzarella I too was born in 1983; he in Charleroi, and myself in a small village in the Lorraine. I had a Sega Master System as soon as it came out in France. Plenty of American fims were on the TV. I saw […]

Cpt Longchamps

  In the framework of : ART OF THE IRREVERENCE, exhibition : from 6 february to 13 march 2012  

Lizène Jacques

Born in 1946 in Ougrée-Seraing, Belgium Works and lives in Liège   In 1970 the then twenty-three-year-old Belgian artist decides to undergo sterilisation by vasectomy that is cutting and tying deferent ducts. With this, as he says, “I decidedly cut off the play of generations”. It’s an odd individual, calling himself a “minor master from […]


photography Born in Chênée in 1974 Lives and works in Liège, Belgium   Exhibitions and solo projects : Drapery, Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc, Liège, 2015 Glorious Bodies (avec Jacques Charlier), IKOB Museum, Eupen, 2014 New Faces, Grand Curtius, Liège, 2013 New Faces, Galerie Nadja Vilenne, Liège, 2013 Jolité de Spa, dans Aux Arts, etc… […]

Kroll Pierre

Born  in 1958, on Congo Lives and works in Belgium   The unavoidable caricaturist in Belgium, Pierre Kroll was born in 1958 in the Congo. He began as an architect with a license in Environmental Sciences, and became an independent artist around 1985. Every Belgian newspaper and magazine has, at one time or another, published […]

Impeduglia Laurent

Born in 1974in Liège Lives and Works in Liège, Belgium   With roots in Liege, Laurent Impeduglia is a painter, drawer and an all-around active participant on the international art scene for dozens of years, in the atavistic manner so very well championed by his forerunners Jacques Charlier and Jacques Lizène. A self-proclaimed “artist of […]


In the framework of : ART OF THE IRREVERENCE, exhibition : from 6 february to 13 march 2012    

Messieurs Delmotte

Multidisciplinary   Born in Belgium in 1967 Lives and works in Liège   Messieurs Delmotte positions himself somewhere between reality and imagination, between genius and dilettantism. Distinguishing himself through a formal dress code, poker face expression and meticulously combed hair, Delmotte presents himself as a dashing character (a double) that surprises his audience with – […]

Dragonnier Ronald

Solo exhibitions: 2015 – Théatre de Liège, salle des pieds légers – Emulation – “Sismothérapie / Electrochocs” 2011 – Centre wallon d’art contemporain – La Châtaigneraie, Flémalle (B), “Apocapitalismnow”. 2010 – Commune de Soumagne, Soumagne (B), ” Aux Arts, etc.” 2009 – Musée d’Art Moderne de Liège, “Cube vidéo Gustave Serrurier Bovy”. 2008 – Galerie […]

Charlier Jacques

Born in Liège (Belgium) in 1939 Works and lives in Liège   INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS : 2014 Mise en abîme, Cornette de Saint Cyr, Brussels 2013 Jacques Charlier, No style, only ideas, Cultuurcentrum, Hasselt Photographs of Openings, Exhibition Research Center, Liverpool The end of the world, rue de Senne, Galerie Fortlaan, Brussels Peinture d’hôtel, Palais des […]

Breucker Roland †

Illustration Solo exhibitions (since 1996) : 2012 Le trait poétique, Maison de la poésie, Biennale internationale du dessin, Namur 2011 Tendres Mines, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Verviers (rétrospective), Centre du Daily-Bul (Breucker et les éditions du Daily-Bul), Dexia Liège (Breucker et la revue Marginales, Breucker et les éditions de la galerie 100 Titre), Le Comptoir du […]

Vašourková Yvette

  Born in 1976 in Brno, lives and works in Prague She studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague (graduating in 2001). In July 2007 she completed her postgraduate studies at Berlage Institute, Rotterdam. She is a cofounder of Centre for Central European Architecture CCEA established 2003. Long term […]

Turner Vladimir

Biography: Born in 1986, Vladimír Turner lives and works in Prague. He graduated from the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) in audiovisual studies, then he studied at the Studio of Intermedia Confrontation at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He has been to study […]

Nepraš Jakub

Born in 1981, lives and works in Prague Jakub NepraÅ¡ combines in his work two media – sculpture and video. He draws upon scientific and philosophical knowledge, as well as personal experience, emotions and (intuition). He tries to study the contemporary developmental tendencies and behaviour of our super-organism in relation to the position of the […]

Kovačević Igor

Born in 1973 in Brčko (Yugoslavia, today Bosnia and Herzegovina), lives and works in Prague Igor Kovačević was born in Brčko – Yugoslavia, today Bosnia and Hercegovina. In 1992, he changed braking down multiethnic country Yugoslavia for blooming central European region. He received degree master of architecture and urban planning in 2000 at the Faculty […]

Kindernay Michal

Born in 1978 in Hradci Králové, lives and works in Prague. Michal Kindernay doesn’t object to a use of names such as „research“ and „science“ when it comes to his activity at an art platform.He, on the contrary, sometimes likes to feel like a scientist revealing fragile, but fundamental relationship between nature and technologies. He […]

Ciglerová A. H.

Born in 1984, lives and works in Prague   Anežka Hrubá Ciglerová is freelance graphic designer based in Prague. She graduated from the Typography studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Project SmellMap was her diploma work. Anežka has several experiences from studying abroad such as exchange at the Royal Academy […]

Brom & Sloboda

    Michal and Ondrej met during the studies of Graphic Design and Visual Communication studio at Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague  They have been shaped under strict direction of professor Rostislav Vanek, the legendary czech graphic designer, author of countless book designs and prague metro wayfinding system. They both share the endless […]

Chiper-L. Signe

Chiper-Lillemark Signe Education : 2007-2010 : Bucharest National University of Art. Bachelor of Fine Arts. Specialized in photography and video. 2006-2007 : Bucharest National University of Art. Preparatory year. Romanian language and culture. 1999-2002 : Virum Gymnasium. Upper secondary school. Language major. 1998-1999 : Høng Efterskole. 10th grade. Visual arts, drama and music. Courses : […]

David Cristina

Born in 1979, lives and works in Bucharest, Romania   Education : 2005-2007 – MFA from the Art Academy Of Bergen, Norway 2000-2004 – BFA Photo-Video Department, National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania 1998-2000 -  Faculty of Mathematics, University of  Bucharest, Romania   Solo Exhibitions : 2016 – Between the total of facts in my life and the sum […]

Ionescu Cristian

Video Recent Exhibition : November 2010, As Far As I Can Tape, Performance Art Institute http://www.artslant.com/global/artists/show/188595-ilie-cristian-ionescu   In the framework of : E.CITY – BUCHAREST : FROM MANAKI TO NOWADAYS, Exhibition : 26 November 2010 – 30 November 2010

Mocanu Gili

Born 1971, Constanta, Romania Lives and works in Bucharest, Romania SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS : 2014 - JDS – GM – H’art gallery, Bucharest 2013 – The double – Galeria das Salgadeiras, Lisbon 2012 - Blindness – H’art gallery, Bucharest 2011 – Gili a murit #3 – H’art gallery, Bucharest 2010 GILI MOCANU. Each of those two moments […]

Dazin Clément

  Performance : dance and juggling Clément was interested in movement at a very young age and started gymnastics at the age of 6. By the age of 16, he had developed an interest in circus, particularly juggling, and worked with an amateur company, Point Bar, where he discovered his interest in choreography. Before enrolling in Ménival, Lyon […]

Muresan Eliza

      Born in 1987 in Bucharest, Romania. Education : 2010-2012 : Le Fresnoy Studio national des arts contemporains 2008-2010 : École nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris 2005-2008 : Kunstakademie Düsseldorf   Works : Nov. 2010-Jan. 2011 : As Far As I Can Tape, dans le cadre de l’exposition Badly happy Pain, Pleasure and […]


Dan Acostioaei (born 1974) lives and works in IaÅŸi, Romania. He is a visual artist and he holds a teaching position at University of Arts ”George Enescu” in IaÅŸi. Alongside a group of artists and philosophers from Iasi and felow visual artist Matei Bejenaru, Acostioaei is a founding member of Vector Association. Since 2001 this […]

Trestioreanu R.

Born in 1957, is visual artist and curator. She graduates from the Bucharest Art Academy in painting in 1981. Lecturer and Head of the Faculty of Photography and Video at the University of the Arts, Bucharest. http://xplaces.code-flow.net/sevova-skin/roxana-trestioreanu-en.html Roxana Trestioreanu’s proposition interrogates femininity and the mysterious universe of spell, doubled with a seductive tension, an active […]

Liboutet Luminitza

Born in 1975, in Romania Luminitza Liboutet offers a journey in the world of sensation, taste, desire, and emotion produced by urban life. The identity quest out of cultural belonging, leads to a perpetual redefinition according to new life’s hypostasis.   In the framework of : E.CITY – BUCHAREST : MULTI-PLI-CITIES, Exhibition, contemporary photography [1990 – […]

Ionescu Regele

Regele Ionescu plays with time by breaking filmic support down in a re-meditation process. Education : MFA at UNA Bucharest, Bucharest, RO, Fine Arts / Photo Video http://www.saatchiart.com/account/profile/134875   In the framework : E.CITY – BUCHAREST : MULTI-PLI-CITIES, Exhibition, contemporary photography [1990 – 2010] : 26 November 2010 – 30 November 2010  

Bressan Michele

photography and video Born 10.07.1980 in Trieste, Italy From 1993 lives&works in Bucharest, Romania Michele Bressan (b.1980) is a visual artist working with photography and film, based in Bucharest since 1993. His work focuses on documenting aspects of the romanian post-communist reality, using the photographic medium as a means of artistic research. By the practice of […]

Studio bazar

studioBASAR was established in 2006 by Alex Axinte and Cristi Borcan, both as an architectural studio and a Search-and-Rescue team, that acts as an agent of urban observation and intervention. In the past years, studioBASAR developed several chapters of the Search-and-Rescue: City project, as a strategic search that investigates the dynamics of the contemporary Bucharest. […]



Andrei Mateescu was born in 1988 in Bucharest (Romania), where he also ended up studying in the frame of the Dynamic Image and Photography Department of the National University of Arts, getting his BFA and subsequent MFA in 2012. He grew up in a succession of communist apartment-block estates, first training his eye and imagination […]

Király Iosif

Photography   Iosif Király (b.1957) is an artist working with photography, based in Bucharest. His work focuses on the relationship between perception, time and memory. In the 1980’s he was part of the international mail-art network, an alternative art movement rooted in Fluxus; from 1990 various media projects independently and as part of the art […]

Croitoru Alexandra

Alexandra Croitoru (b.1975, Bucharest, Romania) lives and works in Bucharest. She received her MA degree as well as her PhD from The National Academy of Arts, Bucharest. From 2010 to present she teaches at same university. She founded in 2010 together with Magda Radu the curatorial program Salonul de proiecte, part of the National Museum […]

Botéa Irina

  In her work Irina Botea tries to reinterpret the images of History made by the media, and to develop sympathy with the more or less active protagonists of historical situations to which our only access is now through the media.   Education : BSc in Geology and Geophysics in 1995 from Bucharest University a […]

Bogner Patrick

  photography Patrick Bogner lives and works in Strasbourg. He is an independant photographer since 1982 and shares his time between professional photography and personal artistic creation. Since then he has been focusing his work on the function and the theatricality of places. His favourite themes are about the Elsewhere, this somewhere else which is […]


  KOUMENDAKIS GIORGOS, Composer Born in 1969 in Rethymno (Crete) Chamber music : String Quartet (1976-1977) (ms, unknown) Window(1977) (ms, unknown) Two pieces for flute and piano (1981) (ms, unknown) She chanted loud some alien hymn of wizardry, String quartet (1981), str[], dur : 8΄00 The Grimm Brothers’ Suite (1996), str[], dur. : 10΄00 Socrates in Athens, […]


Works and lives in Athens. He is Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at the School of Architecture (N.T.U.A.).   Education : Sculpture at the School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Graphic design at Vakalo, School for Applied Arts, in Athens Post-graduate studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.) Solo / […]

Fysakis Pavlos

Born in Athens in 1969. Works and lives in Athens, Greece. Co-founder of the collective “Depression Era” and “KOLEKTIV8” WORK : Since 1995: working as freelance photographer Since 2010: teaching at Focus Athens School of Art & Photography Since 2002: teaching photography at “18 ANO” Rehabilitation Center 2003 – 2011: worked for Kathimerini newspaper 2010 […]

Alexiou Nikos

Born in 1960 in Rethymno – Died the 25 février 2011 in Athènes Nikos Alexiou  is a Greek artist who specialized in visual art,contemporary art, installation art and set design for theatre and dance. He exhibited his work at personal exhibitions and group events both in Greece and abroad. In 1982, at the age of 22, Alexiou […]

Richem Clément

  Born in Lons-le-Saunier, France, 1986 Education : 2008/2010 – Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Lorraine Metz 2008 – Erasmus, Fachhochschule Trier, Allemagne – Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Lorraine Epinal, obtention du DNAT avec les félicitations du jury Solo exhibitions :  2015 : Les modules – Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent, Palais de Tokyo, Paris / commissariat […]

Virilio Paul

Paul Virilio is a French cultural theorist, urbanist, and “philosopher of speed”. He is best known for his writings about technology as it has developed in relation to speed and power, with diverse references to architecture, the arts, the city and the military. Paul Virilio was born in Paris in 1932 to an Italian communist father […]

Parent Claude

Born in 1923 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Claude Parent was born in 1923 and has consistently appeared as a maverick figure in the field of architecture; a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts, once a student of Le Corbusier, he was the practician and theoretician of the “oblique function”, which he formulated with the philosopher Paul Virilio. For […]

Moura Leonel

Born in 1948 à Lisbon (Portugal). Lives and works in Sintra (Portugal). Since 2000 I have been working with artificial intelligence and robotics applied to art. From the start my intention was to develop what can be coined “artificial creativity” stemming from what is now largely accepted as “artificial intelligence”.  I believe to have demonstrated that […]

La Pietra Ugo

Born in 1938, in Bussi sul Tirino, Italy, Ugo La Pietra lives and works in Milan. Ugo La Pietra graduated from Milan’s Politecnico in 1964, where he was assistant professor until 1974, and at the Pescara Faculty of Architecture from 1967 to 1979. He was appointed tenured professor of Project Design at the ISA of […]

Kawamata Tadashi

Born in 1953 in Hokkaido (Japan). Lives and works in  Tokyo and Paris. At the youthful age of 28 he was chosen to be a participating artist in the Venice Biennale. Having since taken part in Documenta and international exhibitions, he has achieved high acclaim in Europe and around the world. Today he is an important […]

Karska A. & Went A.

Alicja Karska born in 1978, Aleksandra Went born in 1976 Alicja Karska (b. 1978). She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (2003). Winner of many awards and scholarships (including scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, artist in residence in Bremen, Zilina, Stuttgart and Prague). Her works were presented in solo exhibitions […]