Stephen Wilks

Collaboration with Apollonia : Philoxenia Stephen Wilks was born in England in 1964. He works and lives in Berlin. He stutied at the Beaux-Arts de Paris and at the Royal Academy of arts of Amsterdam. He is a visual artist with multiple dimensions and involvements. He uses many medias : photography, sculpture, drawings and ceramics, […]


Murmuraction Project - Urban Installation
02 December 2016

Urban installation Creation of an artwork of Georges Rousse by young people in socio-professional insertion. Colmar/2016 As many children at this time, the legendary Kodak Brownie Flash led Georges Rousse to his vocation for photography. The visual artist and photographer bears his art at the top with his architectural shots.  We can find at the […]

La Malle – Finish at Apollonia

16 October 2016

Concert Apollonia Venue – 16th October 2016 Apollonia invited people to the finish of the exhibition “La Malle“. The last oportunity to discover the mystery about this extraordinary travel, in attendance of the artists Philippe Obliger and Gérard Puel. We also offered a live show, by a band of young musicians aged from 19 to […]