Public meeting 2018

28 June 2018

RECREATE THE CITY FROM CULTURE : THE NATURAL AND ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT ON THE SOUTH ENTRANCE OF THE ROBERTSAU, BY APOLLONIA  A preview about how the exposure space might be  – © Cabinet d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme Georges Heintz et Associés. The project : In 2017 Apollonia pitched to the city a new urban project which was […]

Van Gogh’s capital

26 June 2018

Event – Debate Espace Appolonia – June 26th 2018 The magazine Poly and Apollonia got together to set up a series of  debates, inviting each time an author, a journalist and a politician, with the aim to take a fresh look at the Art world. Guests of the first session: Wouter Van der Veen, essayist & author of Capital de […]

Azara San

Collaboration with Apollonia : Vivacity Biography: The artist Azara San studied the art history in the university of Tours, when she focuses on the modern architecture. In 1992 her encounter with documentary cinema and the performing arts made a lasting impression on her. She then moves away from realistic figuration to experiment a painting in […]


Collaboration with Apollonia : Vivacity canvas, land art, string art, graffs, structure Biography : Elparo is a self-taught multidisciplinary visual artist. He is coming from Chalifert. Stemming from the environment graffiti, his practice diversified during the years thanks to the diverse opportunities which appeared at him. He evolves between several domains, juggling between the volume […]

Les Nouveaux Voisins

Collaboration with Apollonia : Vivacity “Les Nouveaux voisins” are plastic architects. NICOLAS GRUN, born on 04.01.1981 PIERRE LAURENT, bon on 08.10.1979 Professionnal experience : 2012 : CREATION OF THE SARL(LIMITED COMPANY) THE NEW NEIGHBORS ARCHITECTS PLASTIC SURGEONS, Associés-cogérants Artistic activity : 2017 : « Montagne » – DEAMBULE – Festival des paysages – Annecy (74) […]

Rosse Agnès

Born on October 10, 1970 in Paris, graduated from the École des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg with the congratulations of the jury. She lives and works in Sète. Personal exhibitions – 2016 : Galerie de France, studiolo. Commissariat Catherine Thieck.– 2015 : La capture du vivant (et les tableaux dans les arbres), Jardin AntiqueMéditerranéen, Balaruc […]


18 May 2018 - 30 September 2018

Exhibition 18 May – 30 September 2018 Espace ApolloniaJardin d’Apollonia Quartier de la Robertsau Artists : Azara San / Stéphane Clor / Elparo / Collectif Freemousse / Eduardo Kac / LAAB / Les Nouveaux Voisins / Philippe Obliger / Marie-Hélène Richard / Agnès Rosse / The Collective Vivacity represents the effort to bring art into […]