Garden party !

21 June 2019

Event Apollonia’s garden Shade of tall trees, opening onto the street and the neighbourhood, a friendly and soothing mix of undomesticated plants such as raspberry bushes, grassy wastelands … and well-kept vegetable gardens … Beautiful orange amarylis run along wooden benches. From 6 pm, on the small stage on its mound of earth, a quality […]


01 November 2018

ARTECITYA. 9 approaches to urban challenges 2018,  MOTA editions255 pages, English This publication presents nine projects that address urban challenges through partnerships between NGOs, municipalities, private companies and artists. Each chapter is dedicated to a different project, spanning from reusing construction waste to inventing new employment models, from data transparency to initiating the revitalisation of […]

Public meeting 30th of April 2019

Minutes of the meeting organized by ADIR on the 30th April at the Escale premises. FUTURE OF THE SOUTHERN ENTRANCE OF THE ROBERTSAU NEIGHBORHOOD: THE APOLLONIA GARDEN Public meeting held on the 30th of April 2019 at the Escale Sociocultural Center, Robertsau. Last Tuesday, April 30th, was held a public meeting about the “Apollonia Garden” […]

I support “Apollonia garden”

Call for Support We still need you to support us and ensure that «The Garden of Apollonia» is being conducted. We invite you to sign our call for support with the link below: I support the project Many thanks and, of course, we will continue keeping you informed of any development of our project.