ECHO, by Angelika Fojtuch


Angelika Fojtuch_me


“Performance art is a radical, reliably transparent and casual means of communication. The last which remains functional when all others failed.”

Angelika Fojtuch

Angelika Fojtuch is widely known for her performances questioning the role of the artist and his relation to the audience, the status of women, the cultural mechanisms…

Through her recent artistic researches, Angelika Fojtuch examines more precisely the definition of the performative practices, more specifically its ephemeral character.

In residence in Strasbourg since January, the artist pursued her researches on the functions and relations of the elements of performance. By playing with their absence and presence in live action and representations of it, Angelika Fojtuch has conceived ECHO, a new performative installation to be discovered on 23rd of April in Apollonia Venue.

Within the framework of the Crossed Residences programme of the City of Strasbourg, in collaboration with Laznia Centre of Contemporary Art (Gdansk, PL) and Apollonia, european art exchanges association (Strasbourg, FR).


Apollonia venue
23 rue Boecklin F-67000 Strasbourg

Thursday 23 April 2015
6 – 8:30 p.m.

With the support of Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.