Association Regards – Carte blanche


ExhibitionApollonia venueFrom 3rd February to 6th March 2022Opening on Friday 4th February from 4 p.m. Apollonia hosts the exhibition “Carte blanche” organized by the association “Regards sur l’Art contemporain en Alsace”. This eighth edition presents the work of eleven visual artists, painters, draftsmen, sculptors, engravers: Laure André – Louis Danicher – Michel Déjean – Catherine […]

Arabia Felix – Yémen, un goût d’éternité

Film screening
28 January 2022

Film screening with the artist Robert Cahen Synopsis: The images filmed in 2005 and 2006 in Yemen aimed to capture the beauty and mysteries of the land of the Queen of Sheba, with its important tribal system, the pillar of its social structure. Since 2014, a terrible, endless war has been shaking and bruising this country. […]