Born in 1952 in Tbilisi, Georgia

In 1974, he graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Tbilisi. In 1978, he defended his PhD in the History of Artband in 1980 became member of thr Georgian Union of Artists. Iliko Zautashvili is one of the founders of the art group “Total space”, created in 1988, and of the “Sector for Visual Investigations”, established in 1993. He has particpated in a number of wide-ranging projects funded in part by the Soros Foundation, such as “MegaUniverse” (1996) and “Counter-Culture” (1999). In addition to that, he is frequently invited to conferences in his cpacity as an art historian. He has particpated in many exhibitions as visual artist, but also as a video and cinema film director.


  • Projected Visions – Caucasus