Espace Apollonia – March 2020

Artists: Charlotte Bresler – Léo Bret – Corentin Garrido – Thaïs Guimard – Salomé Lahoche – Maëlle Magnin-Feysot – Antoine Meijer – Julia Mesnard – Philippe Nguyen – Charles Renel – Paul Vidal – Adrien Yeung.

Apollonia through this exhibition gives voice to young artists, recently graduated or still studying, but also to give carte blanche to its young volunteers in Civic Service, who entirely thought and built this exhibition: Clara Grignolo, Mathilde Hentz and Maëlle Magnin-Feysot.

“Quand le chat n’est pas là…” is an invitation to discover young artists who were influenced by Tomi Ungerer’s work and world. There was an asleep melon next to feet that seem to emerge from the wall. Be moved and fascinated by these paintings and sculptures, where the only limit is your imagination.

There was also a small library where we could read and dive a little bit deeper in this exhibition and its environment, with the help of books that inspired our young artists and that echoes their work.