La Photothèque

Rich of 30 years of experience and crossbreeding, Apollonia has set up La Photothèque, a photographic collection representing the diversity of contemporary and environmentally friendly artistic creation.

This collection of photographic works is unique and totally original. Indeed, in agreement with the artists, all of the works are printed in a single format and print run. To meet the environmental demands and challenges of its time, Apollonia has chosen to print entirely eco-friendly photographs on recycled paper from the Lana paper mill and with non-harmful inks by DS Impression.*

This photographic collection is eclectic and cosmopolitan. It brings together the works of artists from all over the world. All of the works presented are the fruit of nearly 30 years of experience, favourites and multiple encounters.

To this day, the following photographic artists are part of La Photothèque:
Jamal Arabzadeh, Saïd Atabekov, Syrlybek Bekbotayev, Patrick Bogner, Laurence Demaison, Valérie Graftieaux, Majid Hojati, Liminita Liboutet, Almagul Menlibayeva, Fernande Petitdemange, Stéphane Spach, Frantisek Zvardon…

The collection will be further enriched with new artists and new works.

Various actions are planned from the collection in the form of guided tours for schoolchildren, senior citizens, workscouncils or events in partnership with local and European cultural structures. By relying on this fund, it is also possible to set up patronage operations.

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*100% clean Tutti-frutti recycled paper / certified non-noxious solvent-free inks / 100 x 70cm / limited edition