Pierre Louis Aouston (born in Bordeaux in 1964), performer in the speech movements.


  • Collaboration in the creation of an associative gallery
  • Creation Grant 2000, D.R.A.C. Alsace
  • Creation of an Audio CD (not commercially available) Thomas RUFF / Pierre AOUSTON
  • Creation of a DVD, “The poetic predator” artisanal production (personal computer equipment), distribution according to meetings and performances.
  • Publication in the poetry journal BOXON episode 17/2005
  • Purchase of a video work “The poetic predator” by F.R.A.C. Alsace / 2005
  • Creation Grant 2006, D.R.A.C. Alsace
  • Creation of an audio CD of Poetry “My God, let me sleep” (not marketed)



  • A poetic performance with DJ Poet TOTAL MIX around Poetry Sound and reading the poem “Vernalisation” at the TINTA literary café on October 27, Strasbourg
  • Installation of a Poetry-video “My God, let me sleep” at the POST of the Foundry, in Strasbourg on September 20, in the idea of ​​putting Poetry in a public-administrative space
  • A poetic performance infos JT 1pm/8pm in Poetry-video and DJ Total Poet, Stimultania the 27 April 2007, Strasbourg



  • Festival of electronic music Ososphère 2006, 29 and 30 September 2006, Strasbourg, at the invitation of Philippe LEPEUT as part of Radio Poing.
  • Performance “From Europe” as part of: ARTISTS HERE AND ELSEWHERE, A DYNAMIC FOR THE TERRITORIES, Apollonia, European artistic exchanges, June 2006, Strasbourg


  • THE IMAGE LIES, action poetry and video projection, LA GROTTE cabaret, May 2005, Strasbourg
  • SUNDAY MARTIN BUCER, “From Europe” Sound and Visual Poetry Performance, in the Multiatelier, by architect Arnaud Poiré, Strasbourg
  • Participation in the Julie Schneider Automatic Gallery at the Museum of Contemporary Art / Szcecin (Poland), Kinstraum Kreusberg / Bethanien Berlin and Apollonia Strasbourg


  • As part of SUPERFORMANCES organized by the Itinerant Forum realization of three performances:
  • – “Manifiesta”, an artistic demonstration of the Republic Square in Strasbourg / Megaphone on foot, Poetry “The stone hurt me” – – «Tour H beside Hors Champ», video playback performance “Vernalisation”
  • – “The Poetic Predator”, performance at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg
  • As part of Superformance, with the participation of Julien BLAINE and editions AL DANTE.
  • Performance reading “Vernalisation” at the Botanical Garden, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, as part of “Rendez-vous aux jardins” with the collaboration of “City panic” a book by Paul Virilio
  • Financial support from the D.R.A.C. Alsace and C.U.S. from Strasbourg
  • Performance reading “The Power of Nuisance” around the ENRON case as part of “Rencontres 2004″ : Propagation / Regional School of Fine Arts (E.R.B.A.), Dunkirk


  • Participation at SLAM SESSION open micro, Dairy, Lisières theater, Strasbourg
  • Performance video playback as part of “Badgag Café” at Troc Café, Strasbourg around the problem of war. Reading letters with video and sound  “Words of Poilus”


  • Reading concert Thomas RUFF / AOUSTON at the Labgalerie, Strasbourg, Schizophrenic reading around Antonin ARTAUD
  • Meal performance, “In a form of conspiracy, I dream the World” afternoon and evening over a period of four days at La Chaufferie, gallery of the School of Decorative Arts, Strasbourg
  • One hour radio show about my work with Guy Wach on Radio France Bleu Alsace
  • Intervention in the form of an “in situ” installation, a public image bench as part of the C.E.A.A.C. at St’art 2002, Strasbourg


  • Intervention at F.R.A.C. Alsace over a period of one year around an installation (creation of a specific street furniture, recipient of images and words)


  • Video presentation as part of “Savoirs autonomes” at Syndicat Potentiel, Strasbourg


  • Residence, followed by an exhibition (group exhibition) at the Parc Saint Léger Contemporary Art Center in Pougues-les-Eaux, Nièvre


  • Price and exposure to C.E.A.A.C. , Strasbourg


  • Collective exhibition at the C.R.A.C., Altkirch, Haut-Rhin


  • Crossroads of parallel, “Parallelen” im Schnttpunk-Badischer Kunstverein / Karlsruhe