Baby Lone, Daniel Sardet and his Friends

Exhibition at Cheval Blanc, Schiltigheim

4th February 2014 – 4th April 2014

Salle du Cheval Blanc
Schiltigheim Centre
25 rue Principale 67300 Schiltigheim

Lewis Caroll, notes de zoologie/zoological papers, 1988, texte de Lewis Caroll, eaux-fortes et vignette de Pétra Werlé. Atelier René Taizé co-éditeur. 95 exemplaires
Lewis Caroll, zoological papers, 1988, text of Lewis Caroll, etchings et vignette of Pétra Werlé. Studio René Taizé co-éditor. 95 copies.

Jean-Yves Grandidier, Petra Werlé, Jean-Marc Scanreigh, Bernard Quesniaux, Jean-Claude Forest, Raymond Depardon, Jean-Claude Wallior, Antonio Segui, Glen Baxter, Gilbert Lascaux, Jacques Joué, René Noël, René Tazé, Beatriz-Ceballos-Aubinel, Gérard Puel et Jean-Yves Bainier

Apollonia, european art exchanges in partnership with the city of Schiltigheim propose an exhibition about illustration. In this context, two exhibitions will be unveiled at the Cheval Blanc, delivering some of the many secrets of Baby Lone editions, created by Daniel Sardet in the 80s . Original plates numbered and signed, games and artists’ books, etching and silkscreen printing will be part of the exhibition.
This Publisher will be presented a draft contemporary graphic design by combining different traditional trades.Works by major artists such as Jean-Claude Forest, Jean-Marc Scanreigh, Petra Werle, Bernard Quesniaux and Raymond Depardon,  will be hang on the Cheval Blanc for a colorfull adventure around the Art Edition.