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Michal Sloboda


Michal and Ondrej met during the studies of Graphic Design and Visual Communication studio at Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague  They have been shaped under strict direction of professor Rostislav Vanek, the legendary czech graphic designer, author of countless book designs and prague metro wayfinding system.

They both share the endless passion for ugly typography and strong symmetrical layout. Except of these esthetic values they are deeply focus on the conceptual layer of contemporary graphic design. “We know that the graphic design can turn into the weapon in the wrong hands, therefore we focus on the projects that actually help people.” says Ondrej. “No, there is not that much thinking behind. I think, we just want our work to look trendy, because everything conceptual is a hot topic right now.” argues Michal.

Both guys worked together on multiple projects ranging from exhibition graphics, book design to the bigger scale projects as the way-finding system in Jiráskovy Sady. Ondrej even published his own book and Michal helped couple of african entrepreneurs to start their own brands. “We are interested in lasting values within our work. When you design a bad website in a hurry, it will be on the display for couple of years. But when you fuck up the park, the whole generation will see your mistakes. Its nothing that could be changed so easily. So you have to do it right and you have just one shot.”


Ondrej Brom

Michal is based in London right now. He finally stopped wearing his infamous ornamental jacket, that made him legend of AAAD parties. “Yes, it was scissored by my girlfriend. She couldn’t stand it’s awe!”, he commented with a grin on his face.

Ondrej is faithful to Prague and his crew. To the question, how he handle distant work relationship, he answers with ease: “We do a lot of stuff over Skype right now. This is the future not only for graphic design. You don’t need to be on the same place to produce great stuff. The important is to share the joy.”

Ondrej also started famous Palmovka crew. The pub crawling group interested in small talk about cross section of graffiti and latin r&b music. You can spot them on the exhibition openings, but usually they meet at their favourite B52 to discuss hot topics in scene. For those few that might not know, B52 is Prague’s legendary intellectual hotspot, with great drinks and r&b DJ’s playing till early morning.


Excerpt translated from Interview for Art Semen, published in February 2016.


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