14 January – 28 January 2011



Artists : Flore Amiot, Alireza Baghi, Julia Elchinger, Valérie Etter, Tiphaine Gondouin, Ayman Hazzouri, Aurore Heidelberger, Thibault Honoré, Garance Kusterer, Agnès Lloret, Florent Schmitt, Anke Vrijs, Frédéric Verry.

Cadavre exquis” is the theme of an exhibition project developed by a collective of young artists working in Strasbourg.

Cadavre exquis” is originally a collective game consisting in creating an original work through the successive interventions of the different participants. For the first part of this exhibition presented at the Apollonia Venue, each artist had the opportunity to work with a catalogue of photographs taken from previous works by the various participants. Each artist had to include in his or her practice an element of his or her chosen work. The second stage of this exhibition took place in the Salle Conrath of the Strasbourg City Hall in February, where the works passed through the hands of the different participants, forming a chain.

Vernissage Friday 14th January 2011, at 6.30pm