Chiper-L. Signe


Chiper-Lillemark Signe

Education :

2007-2010 : Bucharest National University of Art. Bachelor of Fine Arts. Specialized in photography and video.

2006-2007 : Bucharest National University of Art. Preparatory year. Romanian language and culture.

1999-2002 : Virum Gymnasium. Upper secondary school. Language major.

1998-1999 : Høng Efterskole. 10th grade. Visual arts, drama and music.

Courses :

2011 : IT-kompetence, Copenhagen. Media-course.

2005-2006 : Copenhagen Technical College. Photography-classes.

2004 : Vera School of Art and Design. Analogue photography and darkroom techniques.

2003 : Borups Daghøjskole. Photography og visual arts.

Practical experience :

2015 : Production design at the feature film “Ultima Zi/The Last Day” By Gabriel Achim.

2015 : Production design and costumes at the short film “Fragments of Gabi” by Jaro Minne.

2015 : Illustrations for the Natural History Museum of Denmark, for their website

2014 : Production design at the short films “Verigheta/The Wedding Ring” and “Carne de iepure/Rabbit Meat” By Gabriel Achim.

2014 : Visual identity for a daCi conference ( ); logo and website.

2014 : Video-editing for Cafe Retro Nørrebro.

2013 : Product photos for Hamide design studio.

2013 : Video-production for BL -Danmarks Almene Boliger.

2013 : Graphics and illustration for Slangerup Bio.

2012 : Production design and costumes at the short film “Alaska” by Mihai Mincan, included in “Love Bus: Cinci povesti de dragoste din Bucuresti”.

2011 : Visuals for the band Traverse.

2011 : Designed press kit for the short film “15 July” by Cristi Iftime, to be used at Berlin Film Festival.

2009 : Visuals for the opening of Golden Days festival, at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen.

2009 : Production design at the short film “un cadou pentru prietena mea” by Adrian Pirvu.

2009 : Production design at the short film “3rd Floor Apartment 10” by Alexandru Iures.

2009 : Production design, costumes and camera at the short film “The Palm Lines” by George Chiper.
Received a Mentionable Price for the production design at Cinemaiubit Film Festival.

2009 : Part of the multi-artistic project “EveryBody”. ( )

2008 : Art-directing and live visuals for “Frihed!?”, a dance-performance with MomAndDad, Copenhagen.

2005-2006 : Worked in a studio in Copenhagen with other artists and graphic designers. Sold artworks and was part of several exhibitions there.

2004 : Portfolio-photographs for modern dancer Kir Qvortrup.

2004 : Costume design for Therese Bøving ballet-school for a show in Tivolis Glassal, Copenhagen.

Intern and assistant experience :

2011 : Assistant for artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen.

2011 : Intern at artist Mette Winckelmann.

2011 : Intern at IMO Gallery ( ).

2004 : Assistant for set-designer Sigrid Bennike on the theater-piece “Øjeblik, bliv stående!”.

2004 : Assistant for production-designer Bjarke Brint on “Deadline”, a graduation short film from The National Film School of Denmark.

2003-2005 : Assistant for the photographer Arne Pastoor.

Selected video-projects :

2013 : “Reborn, This Time As A Romanian”:
– Solo-show with video and installation at Atelier 35 Gallery in Bucharest.

2010 : “Spaces” (BA-graduation project):
– Part of the award-exhibition at MTR in Bucharest. Awarded the best BA-project from Bucharest National University of Art in 2010.

2010 : “the walk”:
– Part of the exhibition “As far as I can tape” 2010 at Marina Abramovic Institute in San Francisco, later at Apollonia Gallery in Strasbourg, and 2012 at Museum of Modern Art in Saint-Etienne.

2009 : “this is not me”
– International Festival of Video Arts Casablanca 2010.

2008 : “Wind”:
– “She Devil3” 2009 at Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome. Later at “She Devil On Tour” at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest.


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