22 July 2015

Apollonia venue

CityPrintOut/Imprimer la Ville

Alexandra Pignol / Stéphane Mroczkowski

For 6pm your local time (Link Art Center, Brescia, Italie)
July 22, 2015 6 p.m.: public presentation, local (and international via the Link Art Center)

General purpose

Presenting, discussing, questioning, spreading, setting into images, comparing different mediums and documents from artists who worked with the function and position of the artist in the city. And questioning it at a local scale (Strasbourg).


Alexandra and Stephane want to make «6 pm» the occasion to present a group work between art and document (publications, conferences, workshops, discussions, websites…) about the city as sensible experience and city as experienced through its documents (maps, photos, story, archives…).

Collect, print, bound, present, show, display

Presented on a group of large working tables (80x220cm) loosely:
Documents (from present, past, and from different disciplines).
Maps, books, brochures, posters, various inventories, incomplete, unmethodical, non exhaustive, in variable dimensions. With a link to the city history. With links between past, present and future: with images, texts, and documents.
And also all kind of printed matter talking about the city. With, for instance, a reference to Hans-Peter Feldmann’s book Eine Stadt : Essen (and his other series concerning the city: «phones», «window views», «Times», etc.).

Diffusion for «6pm»

We will scan the works, photograph the installation and film the appropriation by the public of all these documents.


We want to work with several personalities to obtain a multiplicity of points of view on the city, its history, its present, its places, and the way these elements cross and meet :
– Alexandra and Stéphane, philosopher and artist, searchers in art, teachers (Université de Strasbourg, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg, laboratoires ACCRA (arts) et AMUP (architecture)
– Olivier Calvo, artist, teacher
– Sylvain Mazars, musician, historian, journalist
– Vivien Philizot, graphic designer, searcher (laboratoire ACCRA)
– Mathilde Blum, Dimitri Pagnier, students Master degree, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg
– Hector Bouhier, student Master degree, teaching visual arts, Unistra

– and via e-mail, proposing to various artists and searchers to send us several documents we will work with: our proposition is to present these documents re-interpreted, reframed, and to show document dialogues (see below an example with a document sent by Michael Corris)

– Michael Corris (artist, critic, teacher, University of Dallas, USA)
– Group Stalker (Francesco Carreri, artist, teacher, Université de Rome, Italie)
– David Diao (artist, NYC)
– IRWIN, group, see EAST ART MAP (web)
– Cristiana Mazzoni, architect, urbanist (Paris / Strasbourg)

Example of a work with a specific document

Michael Corris just sent us a collective text wrote in 1976 published in The Fox, the journal of Art&Language New York, «Now About This Storefront».
A claiming text about the access and participation of the public to culture, militating against the idea of the museum as monument, and proposing an
urban network of modest and interactive «storefronts». With the aim to privilege work in progress rather than showing finished, commercializable objects…
The purpose of the text was to have a real debate on art and its democratic dimension.
Utopia or reality? Prospectus, pure idea?

Working with this text from 1976, we try multiple ways to re-appropriate this document and its ideas : translating it (totally or partially), re-printing it, setting it into images, confronting it with other working mediums and other artists’ projects.