Spaces of intimacy / Projected Visions – Poland

Video art

Strasbourg 2004
Thessaloniki, Szczecin 2005

Within the framework of: Contemporary identities

Barbara KONOPKA Alice & Albo, 2003

Artists: Kinga Araya / Anna Baumgart  / Barbara Konopka /  Józef Robakowski / Piotr Wyrzykowski

Curator:  Ryszard W. Kluszczynski

The programme presents works of five artists. The program consists of the tapes dealing with the issue of intimacy. The works represent a sort of approach, which leads towards explorations of personal life rather, than formal investigations. The artists examine the problems of personal and social identity, reflect on the character of cultural and trans-cultural relations. Sometime they are dramatic and emotional, sometimes distant and ironic. The works they produce are in the same time analytic and immersive. The tapes present different ways of communication between the private and the social, between the inner space of perceptions, feelings and reflections, from one side, and the external world, from another.

Ryszard W. Kluszczynski, art media writer, scholar and curator

Featured artworks:

– Józef Robakowski, “Vital/Video”, 1973-1993, 27 min.
– Anna Baumgart , “Matka (Mother)”, 1998, 10 min.; “Mala kolekcja doraznych epitafiow” (A small collection of makeshift epitaphs), 1997, 6 min.
– Piotr Wyrzykowski , “Biegacz” (Runner), 1993, 6 min.; “Ogladaj mnie” (Watch Me), 1996, 15 min.
– Kinga Araya, “ABC”, 1997, 11 min. ; “National Anthem”, 2002, 5 min.
Barbara Konopka, “Binary Notes”, 1998, 4 min; “Hibernating Chips”, 1999, 3 min. 30 sec.; “Alice & Aibo”, 2003, 3 min. 10 sec.; “Mimetic Infection”, 2003, 3 min. 40 sec.