Creative dialogue?

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10 October – 30 December 2007

When artists think out loud…

The Creative Dialogue? project is an invitaion to European artists and art critics to an open dialogue among themselves but above all with the public in three gatherings. All of them are strongly committed to the flowering of society declined in the plural. They all give expression to their questioning about their own identity, their feeling of revolt against the consumer society and excessive standardization and their strategy of resistance through their artistic creation.

From the Arctic to the heart of the Bosnian plains, artists are taking the lead in the general indignation over the emerging global oppression. The projects entitled Dialogues Bosnia – Herzegovina “Relations et One Critic, One Artist, One Artwork “Triste Arctique bear witness to this insurrection.

Going one step further, the 4th number of Gazet’art intends analysing the question of frontiers. What limits can be transgressed? And in the name of what?