Sibylle de La Giraudière was born in 1997 in Bordeaux. She is graduate of the Haute École des Arts du Rhin.

Sibylle de La Giraudière focuses on animals, plants and minerals. She finds her inspiration in her childhood memories. The combustion and the sensitive effects produced, follow ich another in steps between the works MORPHOSE and Progression in different states (ashes, smoke, gas, particles, liquid). Through raw materials, the artist research to cohabitate the elements that constitute our own materiality with those of our environment. Research is central to the process.

Titus, 2020
Beryllium Bronze; 8x7x2.5cm; black and white thermal video; 6 min 16, loop

MORPHOSE I: Solid / Volatile / Liqui
Fir beam, copper, PVC tubes, filter, pump, clay; 30x30x150cm

MORPHOSE II: Liquid / Volatile / Solid
Installation, 32 zinc-plated steel elements, water and smoke canister, stainless steel plate

Glass vial, solid smoke particles

Progresion (Progress), 2022
Kraft paper, soot; 6 x 2.24m