Espace Apollonia – 9th November 2019 / 9th February 2020

Hélène MUGOT Le mur de larmes, 2013

Manuel Diemer – Mathilde Lavenne – Olivier Leroi – Gustavo Millon – Hélène Mugot – Benjamin Rossi – Sandra & Ricardo – Marion Schutz – Paul Souviron

Water, the central theme of the Francois Schneider Foundation collection (to which the artworks of the exhibition belong), is questioned through different sensibilities and in various forms. Some artists have a raising awareness of climate issues, others use the poetic figure of water while others approach it from the scientific angle.

The shamanic odyssey of Mathilde Lavenne takes place in the Norwegian fjords. The ice is breaking, the water is crystal clear and the chromatic contrast is striking. The Portuguese duo Sandra & Ricardo have worked on the metamorphosis and use of water. This includes addressing inequalities, in particular, it is questioning the inequalities in the sharing of this natural and vital good. 2000 plastic bags containing water form an ephemeral basin in which the visitor can contemplate oneself.

Paul Souviron wants to capture the ephemeral with the wave of plexiglass delicately erected on stilts of bamboo. Gustavo Million records and stores the colours of the sky. A gradation of hues, which according to him, must be kept for the future generations.

In the landscape, Benjamin Rossi has taken and molded the shape of an existing fault, a witness of time passing by. He then materializes this piece of landscape and in a collaboration with a craftsman creates a block of glass.

Olivier Leroi freezes the aquatic fauna by blowing the glass. Islands grow slowly in the installation of Manuel Diemer. Marion Schutz, presents to us a sunken city.

Hélène Mugot stires up our emotions with the fragility and delicacy of the drops: a wall of nearly 400 drops of crystal makes up her installation. The drops of joy, of pain, flowing almost majestically.

Diaphanie reveals the clarity, purity and metamorphosis of water. Time and light flow, reflect and become a window on the different concerns of visual artists of our time.