Digital impressionism


14th March – 1st April 2005

Apollonia venue

Artist: Goran CVOROVIC

Goran Cvorovic’s artistic intervention is based on a constant research and on the capture of several elements of reality, of fleeting moments. He is playing with the light, the shadows and the movement that he creates during his captures.

In this intervention there are almost no rules, except the fact that everything has to appear, in this particular moment, alone, unique, separate from the present.

The camera becomes the natural extension of the hand, of the eye and of the instinct, a sort of artificial limb, an introduction of the cyber-artiste who is capturing through a more effective technical sense, is making a selection, is erasing or saving, is using in order to achieve different aims (acting like a journalist – a reporter or an artist). He never stays in the same place, travelling becomes the goal, a nomad passage through the artistic function, the different worlds of culture, of sensations and time, through the images that we cannot see and memorize with our own senses, the naked eye.

Milan Atanaskovic

Goran Cvorovic’s exhibition was attached to Europ’art, the European program of contemporary art, which took place in Strasbourg from February to April 2005.

With the support of :
Commission européenne | Le portail de la Culture
Drac Alsace | Délégation aux arts plastiques