e.city – Rethymno

Cretan art and lifestyle: contemporary art – archeology – politics – tourism and economy

22 octobre – 9 novembre 2012, Strasbourg

Giorgos GYPARAKIS Non-profit line, 2012

e.city – Rethymno:

Cosmographies. Exhibition
Mediterranean Desert, by Giorges Koumendakis. Concert – performance
Ancient Eleutherna. Archeological conference by Nikos Stambolidis
Greece, our shared history… And our future?. Public debate
Tourisme & Economy. Cretan life style

Strasbourg, the “crossroad” of Europe, the capital of Europe and home of the European parliament, has been hosting the e.city programme proposed by Apollonia since 2006. Each year we invite one European city to draw up a programme of events and present its own character through the most characteristic and dynamic aspects of its contemporary art, but not only…

The e.city programme for 2012 is dedicated to the city of Rethymno, Crete.

This project could be developed in collaboration with the Municipality of Rethymno, the Center of Contemporary Art of Crete and the Alsace-Crete Association, under the hospices of the City of Strasbourg and its Mayor Mr Roland Ries.