El Charif LAMA

Lama el Charif was born in 1994 in Saida, Lebanon. She left her country in 2020 to study at the Haute École des Arts du Rhin. Lama el Charif is graduate of Haute Ecole des Arts Rhin with a DNA.

“I arrived in Strasbourg after a series of difficult events in my country. Identifying myself in this environment sharing very few characteristics with my experience, distance becomes a feeling in addition to a geographical question. It even infiltrates my relationship with myself, especially through my dreams, especially in relation to language. To adhere to my new reality, I experiment through alternative printing processes and writing experiments in both languages, to give shape to the feeling of this distance. To live a cohabitation with “the other” – being as much the space as the people -, instead of a relation of exposure and voyeurism, I assume both roles at the same time, and the space in which I am also doing it. I identify myself in a non-space and I create visual and sound bridges between what I consider a chaotic familiarity and a fantasized projection. »

Lama el Charif, 2022

La tornade qui veut rencontrer le lac (The tornado that wants to meet the lake), 2022
Installation and sound piece, salted paper photographs