ELPARO, participatory artwork

Visible from the 17th April, rue Boecklin, Strasbourg

Participatory artwork designed by Elparo

From 17 April, Apollonia presents its first collaborative work installed at the entrance to the Robertsau. This sculpture is made entirely of recycled elements and plants, all designed by the artist Elparo with the involvement of the local inhabitants.

Installation details

It is a new signal of the strong links between the historic district of the Robertsau and the European institutions. The operation highlights the relationship between the Apollonia garden and the Lieu d’Europe park. It is part of the Vivacity project, the objective of which is to reenchant the city through artists and citizen participation.

The installation is also the starting point of a new 12 km walk proposed by Apollonia and the inhabitants of the Robertsau, passing through the Escale cultural and social centre, the CINE de Bussierre, the Pourtalès park, the Cité de l’Ill and the banks of the Ill river. It is the first installation of a series of works to come, which will find their place along this walk.

Layout of the walk imagined by Apollonia and the citizens

The development of the garden, the installation of collaborative works, the development of living plants, the creation of an artistic and participative walk, are part of the beginnings of an urban development plan for the southern entrance to the Robertsau, imagined by Apollonia with the complicity of the citizens.

In partnership with the City of Strasbourg, la DRAC Grand Est, la Collectivité européenne d’Alsace, le Service Civique, Emmaüs Mundo’, Emmaüs Scherwiller, le Parc Naturel Urbain de Strasbourg, l’Escale, le Lieu d’Europe and le CINE de Bussierre.