Born in 1982 in Almaty, where she lives and works

Zoya Falkova‘s video work, Mnemosyne Dreams, embodies the desire to create an “ideal video object”. The formalistic approach adoptd by the artist is openly demonstrative and deftly blend the archival documents (former documentary film found by Falkova miraculously escaped the rain and snow), the diagrams of the human body and other medical images and a series of other typical technical features of the contemporary culture of the video clip. This montage of images from different backgrounds is a unique, open work where the artist raises a question of archiving.


1988-1999 – School #134; Alexander Tkachev’s art-studio, Almaty, Kazakhstan
1999-2004 – Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering, architect (grant)
2008 – literature workshop with Tobias Hill, Almaty
2010 – “Climat&arts” program, videoart workshop with Yan Verbeek and Aki Nakazawa in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
2010 – social advertizing workshop with Thomas Frick, Minsk. Producing of short video
2011 – literature workshop with Oleg Pavlov, Almaty
2014 – screen writing workshop with Olga Gurova
2013-2016 – student in Open Literature School Almaty, poetry workshop (grant)

Art events:

together with Anton Bolkunov founded MACHINE artgroup (2006-2010)

2008 -2010
-industrial sculpture exhibition in ART&Shock theatre, Almaty
-theatrical work for Victor Nemchenko’s “Blind trust” play
-artist in ART&Shock theatre
-«4Ёрти4Ё» self-published hand-drawn b&w magazine (monthly) — editor, artist, publisher
-short film “The Hurl”, director, script writer, artist, cut editor, producer / with the support of OSI foundation
-Special prize on CAFIF2012 festival in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
-illustrations for Dmitriy Filatov’s (Moscow) book “Polet v Trubu”

-videoart exhibitions “Climat&arts” in Tashkent, Bishkek, Dushanbe, Almaty
-comics&graphics exhibition in Almaty
-public art festival ARTBATFEST, Almaty. Illustrations
-Omnibus ensemble’s (Tashkent) “Mnemozina” project, videoartist

-public art festival ARTBATFEST, Almaty.

-“Second gender” exhibition. Installation, Curator — Maria Vilkoviskaya (Almaty)
-“GLACIER MUSIC” project & contest, installation, two first prizes, Curator — Lillevan (Germany)
-public art festival ARTBATFEST: installations for the main program, Kendal Henry’s program, and “Rape of Europa” and “Seashell’s hearing” exhibitions
-ALA Legal graffiti wall – public art festival ARTBATFEST, Curator – Kendal Henry(NYC)
-“Seashell hearing” exhibition — Curator – Gulnur Kulkybaeva
-“Rape of Europa” exhibition – Curator — Valeria Ibraeva (Almaty)
-“Women’s deal” exhibition, installation
-“You are a girl” – the words to be told to every girl while she’s maturing. Curator — Maria Vilkoviskaya (Almaty)

-Open Literature School of Almaty(OLSA), Poetry workshop
-OLSA students’ best texts issue.
-«Polifonia» International Literature Festival, Almaty, poetry readings and workshops
-«Life is a legend» exhibition of Kazakhstan art, Strasbourg, France. « MNEMOZINA’S DREAM » videoart. Exhibition curatorship: Dimitri Konstantinidis, director of Apollonia, Daria Evdokimova, artistic projects manager, Apollonia, and Estelle Pietrzyk, director of MAMCS

-Poetry reading, Goa, India
-publication on «Polutona»
-«8th River» exhibition, Almaty. «DUBIOUS SYMBIOSIS » Installation. Curator — Yana Malinovskaya
-«Eurasia» exhibition of Kazakhstan art, Erart Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia. «MNEMOZINA’S DREAM» videoart
-«We Rivers» exhibition, Almaty. «IN RELATION TO A TREE» Installation. Curator — Yana Malinovskaya
-«Polifonia» International Literature Festival, Almaty, poetry readings and workshops
-«The Feast» exhibition, Almaty. «WHEN WINGS ARE CUTTING THROUGH», Curator — Yana Malinovskaya

-Luciano Benetton Collection , Kazakhstan. A Kiss in the Time of a Plague, photo, 10x12cm. Curator — Valeria Ibraeva (Almaty)
-Ilustrated guide to the meanings of Almaty, with Soros foundation support

«Life is a legend» exhibition of Kazakhstan art, Astana, «MNEMOZINA’S DREAM» videoart.

Awards :

2012 – Special jury prize of CAFIF film&videoart festival, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, for «The Hurl» short film
2013 – Two first prizes on the “GLACIER MUSIC” contemporary art project&contest, Almaty, Kazakhstan, for «GLACIER ORCHESTRA», interactive sound installation.



E.CITY ALMATY / KAZAKHSTAN : LIFE IS A LEGEND : 5 December 2014 – 08 March 2015