Apollonia venue

From 16 September to 4 November 2021

Germain ROESZ, Dépli du temps, 2020

This work began at the end of the 1970’s by considering the great American abstraction, the analytical painting dear to Bernard Lamarche Vadel, some friends of Supports Surfaces (or of this universe) like Pincemin or Max Charvolen. It includes also the Rhineland tradition with Schongauer, Grünewald and Witz. The paintwork is therefore done taking into account the history of art that transcends the ages, like an experience that constantly enriches thinking, that feeds it with numerous theoretical considerations, that associates it with the fights for painting and that meets then Christian Bonnefoi, Anne Tastemin, Bertrand Vivin, Monique Friedman and many others. Not forgetting the poetry that practices the painter and that declines in more than thirty works.

The work consists of paintings, objects, sculptures, installations, prints, and sometimes takes the form of performances.

The exhibition is not intended to be retrospective. It simply seeks to resituate a few moments that – from the quasi-monochromes (white series) of the late 1970s, to the series of vanities and rivers (which slowly, surely and stubbornly plunge into colour and geometry) – bear witness to this observed known and unknown world that is constantly expanding and that the artist calls Raum.

The exhibition therefore shows some aspects of the development of the work, of this enormous territory, and will be based more precisely on the last five years of creation. It shows what one might call a rupture and a continuity, with recurring forms, objects that span a long and claimed time.

Germain Roesz, 2021

The preview takes place the 15th September at 6:30pm.

Free admission, in strict compliance with health regulations. Wearing mask and showing sanitary pass are obligatory.

Open from 11 am to 6 pm from Wednesday to Friday and from 2 pm to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday .