Gogué-Meunier Mélodie

Mélodie Gogué-Meunier was born in 1999 in Autun. She is studying at the Haute École des Arts du Rhin in a NOMADE master’s degree in Mulhouse.

Inspired by the Chinese checkers game, Dites-moi offers a communication between peoples, without language, through the movement of objects, the signs and the movement. The possibility of acting in the creation is placed at the center of attention, seen as a dialogue. In this way, objects will be charging with meaning. The ceramic whistles diffuse a sound exchange through the music. Sound, colors and materials are combining and communicating. The artist encourages different entities to exchange.

Dites-moi (Tell me), 2022
Ceramic whistles, wooden furniture – ceramics, stone, fabrics, metal, plastic, water, glass, chalk, pape