Born in Pirée, her works are presented in public collections and private ones, like in the International Museum of Faenza, Italie, Metro of Athens, Greece, etc.

1970-1974 Grand for stuies allowed by the Greek State in order to study at the Institute of Ceramic in Faenza (Italy) and at the Academy of Beaux Arts in Bologne
1972-1979 Collaboration with sculptor-ceramist Panos Tsolakos
1979 Set her workshop in Athens
1979-1989 Teacher at the school of ceramic of Chalkis, director of department des  applied arts of the school of Volo
since 1996 Teacher in the Contemporian Art Center of Réthymnon and at the Ceramic School of Nikea
1997 Member of the IAC (International Academy of Ceramics)



1973 et 1975    Gold Medal, International Competition, Faenza
1978 First Prize ex-aequo International Competition Grottaglia (Italy) and honnor dinstinction at the XIth International Biennal of Ceramic Art of Vallauris
1982 et 1995  First Prize at the International Competition of Maroussi (Greece)
2003 Silver Medal, International Competition, Faenza



1981, 1989, 1997, 2002    Galerie 3, Athens
1982 Art Gallery, Heraklion
1986 Galerie 3, Athens



1976,1978    Chiunichi International Exposition, Japon
1982 XIVth International Biennal of Visual Arts, Alexandria, Egypt
1990 “European Exhibition Gaia ’90” Porto, Portugal
1998-1990    “L’Europe des Céramistes”, Auxerre, Haguenau, Madrid, Budapest, Linz
1991 “Terre Sculptée”, Grouissant



1983  Langhoff Gallery, Kolding (Danemark)
1984 Toga 2 Gallery, Barcelona; Exostis Gallery, Thessaloniki (Grèce)
1986 “Pas Sages”, Givors (France); Atheneum Intercontinental Gallery, Athens
1989  Casa Pellanda, Ticino (Switzerland); Cultural Center of Athens
1994  Center of Art and Culture, Nicosia (Cyprus)
1998  Center of Art Giorgio de Chirico, Volos (Greece)
1999 et 2001 Center of Contemporian Art of Réthymnon (curator Maria Marangou)
2004 International Olympic Museum of Ceramic Sculpture, Maroussi, Athens
2004- 2006    Residence Croisée Alsace-Crète : Apollonia, Strasbourg; Galerie de l’Escalier,   Brumath; Médiathèque, Haguenau