Human Cities, Andrea Diefenbach

Photographic Exhibition

March 2011, Strasbourg
Apollonia venue

Andrea DIEFENBACH Natascha, 2008

Artist: Andrea Diefenbach

A proposal of Apollonia in collaboration with Accélérateur de particules and Strasbourg Artothèque within the framework of the project.

The exhibition Human Cities of Andrea Diefenbach presents the photographs that result of numerous trips of the artist.

From Moldova where we follow the everyday life of the families torn by  immigration, passing by Odessa where Andrea Diefenbach created an intimate series on the scourge of AIDS virus, the travel brings the visitor to Banja Luka in Bosnia, where the appearent silence of men and things cries the painful past of the country.

The travel creating the connections between the cities, with the humanist approach of Andrea Diefenbach as a guideline.