Identities. Aspects of contemporary Ukrainian photography

9th June – 10th July 2022
Espace Apollonia, 23 rue Boecklin, Strasbourg


Since its creation in 1997, the association Apollonia, European art exchanges, has filled a gap in the field of European cooperation with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. This has resulted in numerous exploratory missions, exhibitions, residencies and above all several hundred meetings with Eastern European artists. One of the first exhibitions organized by Apollonia in 1999, within the framework of the East-West Festival in Die, presented artists from the famous Kharkiv school of photography such as Boris Mihailov, as well as a vast panorama of contemporary photographic creation from Ukraine: Serhiy Bratkov, Vasilij Cagolov, Vadim Checkorsky, Iliya Chichkan, Alexander Hnilitski, Alexander Kharchenko, Viktor Kotchetov, Miroslav Kulchitsky, Andrey Moskvichev, E. Mukhoid, Mihail Schevchenko, Alexander Shevchuk, Serhiy Solonsky, Vasily Ryabchenko, Ivan Tsupka. The exhibition was curated by Marta Kuzma.

In 2003, ten Central and Eastern European countries, including Poland and the Baltic States, joined the European Union. This membership led us to reduce the program of exchanges with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe because we thought that we no longer needed them. What an illusion!

In March 2022, we are witnessing a war led by Russia against Ukraine that is shaking up in particular the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, but also the whole of Europe. We are in contact with several representatives of the Ukrainian artistic community. In this emergency situation, we have decided, with various partners, to launch a program of aid and support through artistic projects.

This year, Apollonia has decided to present a photographic exhibition about identity. The history of Ukrainian photography goes through pictorialism (19th century) and an avant-garde period in 1920. In 1990, it is the Ukrainian New Wave which unites many artists. Identity is a theme of identification, both personal and collective.

Ivanna Bertrand, Glib Vicheslavski, Shalva Khakhanasvili, Daria Evdokimova, Dimitri Konstantinidis

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