In the image and the dissimilarity




ARTISTS: Ana Adamović, Bogna Burska, Pavlína Fichta Čierna, Marianna Glynska, Tasha Katsuba, Nina Kovacheva & Valentin Stefanoff, collectif La Quatrième Hauteur, Julia Leidik & Evgene Kanaplev, Damir Nikšić, Tijana Pakić-Feterman, Tanya Tur, Vera Večanski & Vladimir Nikolić, Pawel Zak, Agata Zbylut

Within the framework of the Arsmondo Slavic Festival by OnR

This exhibition surveys the Slavic lands, delivering a (de)fragmented vision through the proposals of some 25 artists most of whom have been working in close collaboration with Apollonia for years. Photography and video question the geographical and mental space where they come from, offering a vision that has the appearance of a broken mirror. Perhaps the scattered pieces can be put together to form a coherent whole, but perhaps only… This impossible portrait of the Slavic area is also composed of a multitude of (self)portraits: this mise en abyme is both a reflection on a highly topical artistic genre of burning relevance and a questioning of identity.

This exhibition is part of the Arsmondo Slavic Festival initiated by the Opéra national du Rhin. It was the ideal opportunity to mark our 25th anniversary of cooperation and partnerships with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. But also of the countless discoveries of artist of Slavic origin, through projects such as “Projected Visions”, “Meeting Europe”, “” where it was a question of plurality of the contemporary identity.