Shalva Khakhanashvili, Born on May 4, 1964 in Georgia (ex USSR)

Artist, art historian, independent curator

From Georgia, Shalva Khakhanashvili now lives in Paris. He left his native country shortly after the proclamation of its independence from the USSR in 1991. He continued his artistic studies in Russia, then in Germany. Spotted by the galerist Françoise Friedrich, he participated in a group exhibition organised in 1999 by Apollonia titled « Au verso de l’histoire » (On the other side of history).


1990 – 1993 University of state of Tbilissi, Art History, diploma
1989 – 1994 Institute of foreign languages of Tbilissi, diploma
1992 – 1994 Decorator at the TV, Ibervisia, Tbilisi
1994 – 1998 Director of the Contemporian Art Center in Tbilissi
1995 – 1996 Residence at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
1996 – 1997 Grant of the Culture Senate of Berlin


1997 – 1998
Organisator and co-curator of the exhibitions at the IFA gallery (Institute of Cultural International Relations), Berlin and at the UNESCO, Paris.
2000 – 2003
Member of Coordination Department of the SEECAN, South East European Contemporary Art Network
Director of the Caucasus – Europe Cultural Coordination Center
2002 – 2003
Charged of mission (apollonia), Curator Caucase Project. Exhibitions in Thessaloniki (Greece), Strasbourg (France) and Bruxelles (Belgium).
2003 – 2004
Organisator of « Caravansarai », International Forum of Contemporian Arts and Artistic Events –  Program of art exchanges between Caucasus and Europe in Tbilissi, Georgia.
Director of Caravansarai, Art Exchanges, based in Paris.
2005 – 2008
Curator and artistic director of « stations » projects for Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Paris, St. Petersbourg, Odessa, Tachkent, Tbilisi…


1990 House of Artists, Tbilisi
1991 Na Solianke Gallery, Moscow
1992 Gallery Gleditsch 45, Berlin
1993 IFA Gallery, Institute for International Cultural Relations, Berlin
1994 IFA Gallery, Institute for International Cultural Relations, Bonn
1995 LiteraturWERKstatt, Berlin
1998 Friedrich Gallery, Cologne
2001 Mairie de Lognes, Paris – Ile de France
2002 Galerie évent, Cologne
2012 Frangulyan Gallery, Paris
2014 Galeriartist, çukurcuma, Istanbul
2014 Savina Gallery, St. Petersburg
2014 MIA FAIRE, Milan, Contemporary Art Fair
2014 MIA FAIIRE, Singapore
2015 Fotoloft Vinzavod, Moscow
2015 Heartgalerie, Paris
2015 Galerie Jardin de Palais Royale, Paris
2017 Cultural Center “la Ferme”, Bussy St. Antoine
2018 Heartgalerie, Bastille, Paris
2019 Salon de Photo St. Sulpice, Paris
2021 Art Vilnius, Contemporary Art Fair, Lithuania