The Golden Fleece – Floating Art Laboratory


May 2004, published by Apollonia, european art exchanges, p.345 (English, French)
Editor: Dimitri Konstantinidis Coordination: Milana Christitch
Texts: Dimitri Kontantinidis, Richard Martin, Victor Duric, Pascal Vagogne, Sania Papa Nino Metreveli, Sébastien Pluot, Laurent de Verneuil, Louis Bec, George Cazenove, Daniel Depoutot, Bernhard Garbert, Alfred Gharapetian Djamel Kokene, Monika Matraszek, Alexander Ponomarev Germain Roesz Dejan Spasovic, Valentin Stefanoff and Nina Kovacheva, Theodoulos, Ketevan Kordzakhia, Nurlana, Chingiz Huseyn Hagverdi, Guga Kotetishvili, Eimantas Ludavicius Brice Mathey, Lado Pochkhua, Olegs Tillbergs

This edition follows the project “The Golden Fleece – Artistic laboratory floating” which took place in June 2003 on the Constanta, Romanian military boat. Ten artists presented performances and installations throughout the journey: Constanta – Romania, Varna – Bulgaria, Thessaloniki – Greece, Marseilles – France, Valencia – Spain. Then the artists presented in December 2003 in Strasbourg in May 2004, projects resulting from this trip. The last chapter of this edition is dedicated to Land Art project led by one of our partners, Sabina Shikhlinskaya, and directed by 7 European artists on an island (former Soviet military base) in front of Baku. Thus the catalog shall bring together three seas – Mediterranean, Black and Caspian – around themes such as art and politics, intercultural dialogue, art and peace, …