Land of promises

Serbian contemporary photographies

September – October 2007, Strasbourg
Apollonia venue

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia, in the framework of the Committee of Ministers Chairmanship of Republic of Serbia to the Council of Europe.

Ana ADAMOVIC, détail, série - The Others -
Ana ADAMOVIC, from the series Balcan Souvenirs, 2003

Artists: Ana Adamovic / Uros Djuric / Dejan Kaludjerovic / Zoran Naskovski / Tijana Pakic / Vesna Pavlovic / Vladimir Peric / Ivan Petrovic

Curator: Ana Adamovic

The phrase “Land on promises is usually associated with America, more precisely, it sounds like certain films and books about the country. Land of promises also sounds like some other land, not the one we do inhabit. This exhibition is featuring artists coming from the country that was for years everything but that kind of land. Still, in one way or another, in some cases symbolic in some ironic, every work presented here bears an association on these words, from the ones dealing with the childhood memories or celebrities to the one showing underground shelters.

All of the artists presented in the exhibition are dealing with the political and social issues in their work. In all of presented bodies of work intersection of social and personal histories is visible. Showing the wide spectrum of themes, from the childhood memories, family stories, intimate and less intimate, lives of others, region, cultural phenomena, exhibition is presenting the circle of ideas and interests on the current Serbian art scene through the medium of photography. Exhibition is also talking about the photography as a medium, the medium that is maybe the most widely used and the most likable art medium, it’s quality of being a document, a souvenir and an art-e-fact.

Ana Adamovic

Tijana Pakic Isidora, from the series Untitled, 2003