Laurent Reynes

Residence of Laurent Reynes

29 August 2013 – 8 September 2013

e.cité Almaty

Laurent Reynes, Aériennes, Francfort, Germany, 2005

In March-April 2013, the Apollonia team went to the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan to carry out its exploration mission. The team met some actors of the artistic community, and immersed themselves in the cultural, political and economic context of the country. The purpose of this trip was to have a better understanding of the khazakhs contemporary creation and to select artists for the launching of – Almaty / Kazakhstan project, which is planned from 2014 to 2015 in France.

The artistic residence of Laurent Reynes in the framework of the International Contemporary Art Artbat Fest prefigures the new component of the “” project. The festival supports the various trends of contemporary art and of in situ creation. One of its aims is also to break the boundaries between the arts. It works well for a new perception of the urban landscape by partnering with many local and international artists with different backgrounds.

The work of Laurent Reynes which is, closely related to architectural and public space, incorporates both notions of construction and landscape. In the framework of his residence, the artist will have to intervene in the public space in the city of Almaty. So, Laurent Reynes will create temporary or permanent installations.

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