Le lit civilisé


9 June – 31 July 2010

Apollonia Venue


Artists: Mathieu Boisadan, François Génot


Following their residency in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mathieu Boisadan and François Génot bring together their memories, their know-how, their sensibilities… in a joint exhibition created by four hands.

Through a singular experience, a dive in the Vrbas gorges on the first day of their arrival, they will try to retrace through their unique piece this feeling of “second state” of the novelty of travel (a dreamed moment, in apnea which stimulated the projects to follow, a terribly lucid moment which sealed the discovery of a country and all these geopolitical stakes, a magic and unreal moment which revealed the beauty and the difficulty of the landscapes) and to integrate the feedback of their stay.

The civilized bed evokes a small portion of the partially dried-up river on the road to Jajce. A desolated landscape where issues as different as the conflict of civilizations, the permanent presence of war although buried under a dynamic nature, the crossroads of cultures in the depths of history are articulated; where geology serves as a witness.

Along the road on the surface of the water, “the sea of ice”, a hallucination found in Friedrich’s famous painting.

Vernissage 8th June at 6.30pm