L’ombre des jumeaux by M.Kelemenis


Apollonia Venue – 11th June 2017


The Milonga organization

Milonga’s goal as an organization is to practice, create and promote dance. In Argentina, the milonga is a dance, a music, and a place where people dance. Vamos a la milonga means let’s go to the party. This social dimension reflects the choice of identity of the organization. Milonga is a place to live. An open minded area. A creative space, thanks to dance : the one you practice alone, with the other, with the others.

The event

For its workshop in Apollonia, Milonga has chosen the theme of the duo : the duo in dance, in music, or in any type of art. An extract from a work by the contemporary choreographer Michel Kelemnis, L’ombre des jumeaux, will be performed by amateur dancers, led by Sylvain Boruel. This project has been set up with the support of the Centre national de la Danse in the framework of the program Danse en amateur et répertoire.

Workshops and other duos will also be suggested to encourage transmission, exchanges and creation inside the event.